NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Vic Fangio didn't stick around after his Denver Broncos topped the New York Jets on "Thursday Night Football," quickly exiting the field and skipping a post-game opportunity to shake hands with Jets coach Adam Gase. But he didn't do it out of contempt for Gase or because of COVID-19 concerns. He did it because he wanted to prevent a "confrontation" with the team the Broncos just beat.

"There was just a couple personal fouls there at the end, and our sideline was getting pissed off about it," Fangio told reporters afterward, per ProFootballTalk. "And I just wanted to avoid any confrontation at the end of the game and having it get ugly there, so I tried to get our guys to leave quickly just to avoid anything happening there. I thought it was the prudent thing to do."

Gase, for what it's worth, all but echoed Fangio's remarks when asked about the Broncos coach's explanation.

"I think he was just making sure we didn't have any kind of melee," Gase said after the game, adding that the Jets had a "brutal" problem with penalties on Thursday. "It was getting kind of heated."

"We need to get this corrected, and we need to figure out what guys are gonna do things right," Gase continued, "what guys are gonna do the right things at the right time. This is not the way that we're gonna play."