Browns' Baker Mayfield is primed to be the biggest difference-maker among rookie QBs

There is no shortage of intriguing names in the 2018 rookie quarterback class, with Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson all entering the season as first-round draft picks with a potential to start.

Which of those first-year signal-callers is most likely to make a difference in their debut NFL season, though?

According to CBS Sports' Ryan Wilson, the answer to that is pretty easy.

"I feel like Baker Mayfield's the guy," Wilson said on CBS Sports HQ. "I feel like he's such an explosive player (and) that team really has nothing to lose."

That team, of course, is the Cleveland Browns, who took Mayfield first overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. And although coach Hue Jackson "said pretty much from the time he was drafted that Tyrod Taylor was going to be the starter in 2018," Wilson thinks there's a decent chance that could change, even though the Browns' QB flip-flopping of 2017 at least partially fueled their 0-16 finish.

"Should the Browns get off to a slow start, No. 1, Hue Jackson could get fired," Wilson said. "And No. 2, I think they could move earlier to Baker Mayfield than maybe they had wanted to ... but if you take a guy first overall, no matter his size or what other issues you may have with his style of play, clearly you love him, and I think you get him on the field sooner rather than later."

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