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Earlier this week, the Cleveland Browns got themselves a new wide receiver, acquiring former second-round pick Elijah Moore from the New York Jets in exchange for moving down from pick No. 42 to pick No. 74 in the 2023 NFL Draft. Moore, for one, is very excited to join his new team, because he gets to play alongside a player he has looked up to for a while: fellow wide receiver Amari Cooper

"I heard about [Cooper] when I was young," Moore said, per the Akron Beacon Journal. "So hearing him do his thing as far as how he moves and just his dedication to football is how we're built over there. So major respect."

Specifically, Moore is excited because of Cooper's style of play, which he feels is similar to the way he plays. "A route runner like that, not many people get to witness that. So I'm glad he is on my team," Moore said. 

As for how he views himself contributing to Cleveland's offense, Moore highlighted his own route-running and versatility as a player who can work both in the slot and on the perimeter, which he also feels makes him similar to Cooper. 

"My strengths, I feel like I'm a route runner, so wherever they need me, I can do it," Moore said. "That's why I feel like I can go outside and in. I've been practicing this since I was 15 years old. This is something I try to craft on, this something I hold as you would say Coop holds. He's known for being a route runner. I've been studying Coop since I was little."

Moore found success in New York essentially whenever a non-Zach Wilson quarterback was on the field, and thus able to get him the ball in open space. In talking to Cleveland's coaching staff, he apparently got the feeling that he will be able to do those things more often in Cleveland. 

"Yeah, man, I'm super excited to play the role that they want me to play," Moore said. "Talking with the coaches and everything, I feel like we on the same page. I'm just grateful to be here."