Browns fan banned for dumping beer on Titans player says he hasn't been to a game since 2010

The season has gotten off to an extremely rough start for the Cleveland Browns. (Not to say that's anything new for them, but this year was supposed to be DIFFERENT, man). 

Not only did the Browns get thoroughly whooped by the Tennessee Titans, 43-13, in Week 1 -- in Cleveland, no less -- but one of their fans got caught dumping a beer on a Titans player in the process. Now, on top of that, the Browns may be banning the wrong culprit from their stadium in connection to the incident. 

It took the Browns less than 48 hours to allegedly pinpoint Eric Smith as the beer thrower and they have banned him from FirstEnergy Stadium indefinitely. 

"We believe we have identified the person involved," the Browns said in a statement. "He will ultimately face an indefinite ban from FirstEnergy Stadium for the unacceptable behavior."

The problem here is that Smith not only denies being the beer-dumper, but he denies even being at the game to begin with. According to the alleged culprit, he hasn't been to a Browns game in nearly 10 years. 

Still, Smith claims he received a call from Bob Sivik, the Cleveland Browns' vice president of Ticket Sales & Service, who informed him that he had been identified as the fan who poured a beer on Logan Ryan. According to Sivik, Smith had been caught on multiple cameras around the stadium, the team had matched his tattoos and they confirmed he had bought a ticket to the opener. 

That seems highly unlikely if Smith was not at the stadium and instead DJing at a wedding, like he claims.

On one hand, Smith could be the culprit. They both have red beards and were in Cleveland on Sunday afternoon. On the other hand, bearded guys in Cleveland aren't exactly uncommon, and neither is the name Eric Smith. And as Deadspin points out, the guy at the stadium looks a little skinnier and more unkempt than Smith, who should also have little problem verifying his alibi. 

With both sides laid out here, it's important to remember one crucial detail: This is still the Cleveland Browns handling the operation, and we should never underestimate their ability to screw something-- anything -- all the way up. 

Pete Blackburn is from Boston, so there's a good chance you don't like him already. He has been a writer at CBS Sports since 2017 and usually aims to take a humorous and light-hearted approach to the often... Full Bio

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