Browns fine Johnny Manziel, not in a 'panic' to make decision on QB

While no one has come out and said it, it certainly seems like the Browns will be moving on from Johnny Manziel in the very near future.

New coach Hue Jackson called evaluating the quarterback "a priority," but also conceded that he'd have an issue with Manziel reportedly showing up at a Las Vegas casino hours before the team's regular-season finale.

On Thursday, new team executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown made it clear that there will be no rush to judgment when it comes to Manziel's future in Cleveland.

"We're not in any panic to make any decision one way or another on him," Brown told a small group of reporters, according to's Mary Kay Cabot. "He understands what's ahead of him and what he needs to do to have a career in this league and with the Browns."

Brown said that Manziel had been fined for missing a concussion treatment on the same day the Browns lost to the Steelers in the final game of the season. Brown also repeated what team officials stated previously: Manziel's whereabouts at the time remain a mystery.

"I don't know where Johnny was the final game of the season," Brown said. "I do know he was late for his treatment and he was fined for that, the missed treatment for his concussion protocol."

Brown added, "It's a fair question (why the team didn't know if Manziel was in Las Vegas). What we're focused on is he missed his rehab time. Our focus largely has been on moving this organization forward and a piece of that would be Johnny, but that won't be all of it. And so immediately after the season we got into a mode where we focused on the head coach, and we will sit down and have discussions with Johnny at the appropriate time. I think it's a fair question and one we will get to."

Browns coach Hue Jackson (center) and team executive Sashi Brown (right) have a decision to make on Johnny Manziel. (USATSI)
Browns coach Hue Jackson (center) and team VP Sashi Brown (right) have a decision to make (USATSI)

"We" includes Jackson, who Brown describes as having "major input on all personnel decisions."

"[Jackson]'s looking forward to sitting down and meeting with Johnny and we will have organizationally standards and expectations for our players on or off the field and if they meet them they meet them and if they don't, there will be consequences there," Brown continued. "So we will sit down and have that discussion with Hue, with Johnny when he returns."

Whatever happens, it's fair to assume that the Browns, who hold the second-overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, will again be in the market for a franchise quarterback.

"If there is a quarterback there at pick No. 2 or pick No. 32 that we feel is the best option, the best fit for our organization, for our football team, then we need to go get him," Jackson said Sunday during a radio interview. "I do believe that this team does need a quarterback."

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