Browns' flashy rookie wide receiver reportedly cited for drug possession in Ohio

If HBO is looking for more drama to add to the season premiere of "Hard Knocks," rookie wide receiver Antonio Callaway might have just given it to them. 

According to, Callaway was hit with two citations early Sunday morning after being stopped for a traffic violation in Strongsville, Ohio. The rookie was pulled over at 2:59 a.m. after an officer felt that Callaway didn't yield for oncoming traffic. During the stop, Callaway was given a citation for marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license. 

The good news for Callaway is that, due to the amount of marijuana, he's expected to be facing only a minor misdemeanor charge. However, there's also plenty of bad news for Callaway. 

For one, the rookie had just moved up to the top of the Browns' depth chart and now the team could change its mind.

After Corey Coleman was traded on Sunday, the Browns took him off the top spot of their depth chart and listed Callaway as a starting receiver. Following practice on Monday, Hue Jackson was asked multiple questions about Callaway, who's been impressing the team's coaching staff throughout camp. 

"I think he's starting to really get the system, learning how to do things the way we want them done," Jackson said. "I was back there when he was returning punts. He said, 'Coach, I haven't played in a year.' He's really looking forward to Thursday night. I want to make sure that he goes out there on Thursday and plays the way we think he can play."

It's not clear if Jackson knew about Callaway's citation when he gave his interview on Monday. 

The other issue facing Callaway is that his marijuana citation could lead to problems with the NFL.

According to, the receiver was already in Stage 1 of the NFL's substance abuse program as punishment for failing a drug test at the combine in February. 

Callaway, who was selected in the fourth-round of the draft this year, saw his stock take a major hit after it was revealed that he had failed the drug test. Callaway would later admit that he smoked pot roughly six weeks before the combine. 

Some scouts had speculated that Callaway could have been a first-round pick this year if not for his constant off-the-field troubles. Not only did he fail the drug test, but he also missed the entire 2017 season at Florida after being suspended by the Gators for the role he played in a credit card fraud scheme last August

As for his current legal issues, it appears that he does have an explanation for the marijuana. According to, Callaway recently had his car shipped from Florida to Ohio and didn't know there was marijuana inside the vehicle, because other people had been using the car while it was in the Sunshine State. 

Whatever happened, the Browns will now have to hope they can keep Calloway out of trouble so he doesn't miss any games this year, and with "Hard Knocks" set to premiere Aug. 7 on HBO (10 p.m. ET/PT), it will be interesting to see if the show goes into details about Callaway's legal issues.

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