Browns GM says No. 1 pick is available: 'Give me a call and see what’s up'

The Cleveland Browns have by far the most draft capital of any team in the NFL

The Browns have the Nos. 1, 4, 33, 35, 64, 65, 101, 123, 138, 159, 175, and 219 picks in this year's draft. That works out to 6,700 points on the famous Jimmy Johnson Trade Value Chart, the equivalent of making two No. 1 overall picks and the No. 26 pick in the draft. On the more analytically-inclined Chase Stuart chart at Football Perspective, it's 117.5 points, the equivalent of making three No. 1 overall picks plus the No. 27 pick in the draft. 

It would be pretty difficult for the Browns to need more draft-pick value, but that isn't stopping new general manager John Dorsey from announcing that he's open for business. The No. 1 pick is available if anybody wants to give him a call and make an offer, Dorsey says. 

It's hard to see the Browns trading the No. 1 overall pick given their needs and the fact that they have taken immense criticism for trading the picks that became Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson in the last two years, but putting it out there could lead to them getting a so-called "Godfather offer" that helps them replenish the talent pool even more. 

They do also have the No. 4 pick and this could still get one of the top talents in the draft even if they trade the first overall selection, but having your pick of the quarterback crop in a year that has what is considered one of the deeper quarterback classes in recent memory is a pretty good situation to be in. It would be pretty surprising if the Browns passed up the chance to take the passer of their choice and traded the pick instead. 

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