Two Browns players were given citations for drag racing in Westlake, Ohio, according to court documents obtained by BrownsZone with Scott Petrak. Browns rookie left tackle Jedrick Wills and receiver Rashard Higgins were the two Cleveland athletes cited.

The two cars were stopped at 9:26 am Tuesday morning, per the police report. In addition to the drag racing citations, the report notes that something suspected to be a marijuana joint was found and destroyed on camera with an officer supervising. There's nothing in the report about whether any marijuana was actually found in the car.

Each player responded in different ways on social media. Higgins made a joke of the whole thing tweeting, "Foot slipped srry," and "Was Tryna get away from Covid" before he deleted both tweets. Wills, meanwhile, actively defended what happened, calling the incident a small game he was playing with a friend.

Police have cited Wills before for a traffic-related incident. The Ohio State Highway Patrol gave him a ticket for going 82 mph in a 60 mph zone back in Nov. 21. There wasn't any disciplinary action for that issue.

As for the drag racing incident, the team said, "We are aware of the incident, will gather more information and handle this matter appropriately," per BrownsZone.

Both players have been important pieces of a Browns team that just snapped the longest active playoff drought in the NFL. Wills, the No. 10 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, started 15 games this season. Higgins, a fifth-rounder in 2016, became a starter after Odell Beckham Jr's ACL tear. He made 37 catches, scored four touchdowns and racked up 599 yards.