Browns not interested in trade offers for No. 1 pick, like idea of trading up for QB

For those bold enough to presume the Browns might not take Myles Garrett with the top overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft: You can stop being bold and you may cease to presume. 

The Browns are flying their flag as high and as loudly as possible in recent days, with vice president of football ops Sashi Brown saying during the team's pre-draft meeting that the Browns, who have received calls about trading down, are going to sit tight at the top spot.

"That would surprise me. If we traded down this year," Brown said. "We have received calls. We haven't resigned ourselves one way or the other. We feel really good about picking at [No. 1] and I'll leave it at that."

Asked specifically about taking Garrett with the top pick, Brown didn't give that much away.

"We've narrowed it down," Brown said. "We feel good about where we are."

Sashi is a pretty understated dude, someone who doesn't go out of his way to make bold statements. This is as close to "I AM DRAFTING MYLES BLEEPING GARRETT" as you will get from him. (Also the NFL wants teams at the top of the draft to play along and help generate suspense.)

Suffice to say they're drafting Garrett. And they don't really have a choice; the economics of the draft are such that passing on a talent like Garrett with the top overall pick and watching him blossom into the next great pass rusher is precisely the sort of thing that will get multiple people fired. Draft Garrett and miss on him, well, that's just plain bad luck. You did "the right thing." 

The trade that people should be eying -- and this is precisely the trade I proposed in my most recent 2017 NFL Mock Draft, as well as something colleague R.J. White has pulled off in a previous mock -- would involve the Browns making a move back up the draft board in order to grab a quarterback. 

Brown admitted that's something Cleveland would be interested in. 

"We are open to it,'' Brown said during his pre-draft press conference. "Generally, we value picks. We think no matter how prepared you are there is always a lot of uncertainty in the draft. Every team misses. We're not going to be different in that regard. We like young talent."

He also added the Browns won't be in the business of "turning two picks into one" (i.e., giving up multiple picks to move up to a higher slot) but said that the Browns are positioned to pull off such a move "without impacting our draft much."

In other words, the Browns do not dislike the idea of drafting Myles Garrett No. 1 overall and then using some of their draft capital to trade up from No. 12 into the top five (the 49ers or Titans are likely trade partners) in order to acquire Mitchell Trubisky. 

We assume it's Trubisky anyway -- he's generally regarded as the top quarterback option in this draft, is an Ohio native and is someone who is easy to see operating a Hue Jackson offense and helping revive the Browns. (All of these things sound nice in planning; putting them to work is a different story.) 

So the Browns won't be active off the bat next Thursday, but they could end up being one of the more active teams on the market when all is said and done.

If Cleveland can come away with the top player and the top quarterback, there's going to be praises galore for the front office.

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