Browns re-sign wide receiver Josh Gordon on exclusive rights free-agent tender

Josh Gordon will be with the Cleveland Browns for at least another season. The Browns announced on Monday that they re-signed four players, one of whom is Gordon. 

Gordon was an "exclusive rights" free-agent this offseason, meaning that after the Browns tendered the wide receiver a restricted free-agent offer, he was not eligible to negotiate with any other teams. 

As we noted back in February, Gordon could theoretically have been a free agent after the 2014 season, but his various suspensions meant that he did not have enough service time to reach the open market. 

Gordon was suspended for two games in 2013 and 11 games in 2014 (10 games by the NFL and one by the Browns). Gordon was also given a year-long suspension in February 2015. He had a chance to get reinstated in March of 2016, but that fell through when he turned in a diluted sample on a drug test, which is the same as a failed test in the eyes of the NFL. 

He has since been open about his struggles with drugs and alcohol, including the fact that he would get drunk and high before games.

Gordon will have a chance to return to form in 2018, playing on an offense that suddenly has a lot more talent than any other he's played on during his time in Cleveland. Tyrod Taylor is likely to start at quarterback even if the Browns go QB with the No. 1 pick, as is expected, while Jarvis Landry, Corey Coleman, David Njoku, and Duke Johnson will be there to draw defenders away from Gordon on the perimeter. If he puts together a good season, he could be in line for a (likely incentive-laden) deal this time next year. He'll only be 27 years old at that point, meaning he should still have a few good years left in him. 

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