Browns reportedly contact former Cowboys star Dez Bryant for potential short-term deal

It appears that Dez Bryant and the Cleveland Browns might be inching closer to a possible deal. 

According to, the Browns have reached out to Bryant's camp in hopes of possibly signing the free agent receiver to a one-year contract. Before anyone agrees to anything though, a few things will have to happen. As noted by, talks would actually have to progress between the two sides. If that happens, then the former Cowboys receiver would visit Cleveland, and then, if he likes everything he sees, he could potentially sign a one-year deal. 

The length of the contract is important, because Bryant has made it clear this offseason that he has no interest in signing a multi-year deal. Back in April, the Ravens offered Bryant a contract worth roughly $21 million over three years, but he turned it down because he wants to play the 2018 season on a one-year prove-it deal so he can hit free agency again in 2019. 

Besides the length of his contract, Bryant appears to only have one other stipulation for the team he signs with: They have to be a contender, which could throw a wrench into negotiations with the Browns. 

Although the Browns have improved this offseason, it's impossible to know if they'll actually be able to contend in the AFC North after going 0-16 last season.

After watching Bryant spend the past three months as a free agent, it's not that surprising that the Browns picked this week to finally talk to him. The team has lost two receivers over the past few days in the form of Ricardo Louis and Josh Gordon. Although Gordon is expected to return at some point, Louis was lost for the season after undergoing neck surgery

With two roster spots suddenly open, Browns general manager John Dorsey became very interested in Bryant, something he didn't try to hide this week. Dorsey even admitted that the team had internal discussions about adding Bryant before reaching out. 

"I've had the chance to be around Dez," Dorsey said Wednesday, via USA Today. "I actually had the chance down in Lufkin, Texas, during his workout to get the chance to meet him down there. I know what kind of person he is and what makes him. He's a very talented player. Have we had discussions about Dez Bryant? Yeah, that's natural. You're going to have discussions like that. Now, we'll see what comes to fruition the next couple of days, but we have talked about it. You have to talk about these things."

If Bryant does sign with the Browns, Tyrod Taylor will be throwing passes to him, and he seems to like the idea of adding the 29-year-old receiver.  

"Obviously, I've only watched him, he's a great player," Taylor said Thursday. "The wide receiver room, right now, has a ton of talent, he can only add to that. I don't obviously make decisions for our organization. If they feel that Dez or anyone else they want to bring in can help our organization, then I stand behind them 100 percent."

On Bryant's end, things have been relatively quiet for him since the Ravens' made their offer back in April. If you're wondering why Bryant hasn't been lighting up the free agent market, it's most likely because he just hasn't been very productive over the past few years. After averaging 13.7 touchdown catches per season from 2012-14, Bryant hasn't even hit the 10-touchdown mark in any of the last three seasons. Not to mention, Bryant has now gone 22 games without hitting the 100-yard mark.

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