Browns reportedly interested in Khalil Mack as Raiders apparently weigh trade offers

If the Raiders are open to trading Khalil Mack, it sounds like the Browns would definitely be interested. 

According to, the team is expected to reach out to the Raiders to inquire about a possible trade. According to 247Sports, the two sides have already "spoken" about Mack, although it's not clear if the Browns have made any sort of offer. 

If the Browns are going to pull off a trade for the Raiders' star, they're going to have to pay a hefty price. At least one report has suggested that a team is going to have to offer two first round picks if they even want to start a trade conversation with the Raiders. The Browns only have one first round pick in 2019, which means they would have to give up their first round pick in both 2019 and 2020 to meet the Raiders' reported asking price. 

The good news for the Browns is that the Raiders are currently "weighing" multiple trade offers, according to This could be a sign that the Raiders are willing to take down their asking price because they know there's no deal to done with Mack. 

One big advantage the Browns have over any other team in the NFL is that they can easily get Mack under contract. According to the most recent salary cap numbers from Over the Cap, the Browns have roughly $61 million in cap space, which means they could easily afford to match the contract that the Rams gave Aaron Donald on Friday, a six-year, $135 million extension. The Raiders only have $7 million in cap space, which is one of many reasons why the negotiation with Mack has been so difficult. 

Although the Browns would have to pay a steep price to get Mack, it might be a price they're willing to pay. Coach Hue Jackson didn't rule the possibility of making a big move before the season starts when asked about it during a conference call on Friday. 

"Oh, like a splash or something like that?" Jackson said when asked about adding a big named player, via "It'd be hard for us to do, but nothing's out of the question. Nothing's off the table. I think we'll definitely look at everything, and if we think it fits for our organization and football team, we'll certainly do it."

Jackson couldn't mention Mack's name specifically, because that would be tampering, but he did say that the Browns would be looking at all options when it comes to adding players. 

"We have to look at everything," he said. "This is the time of year when you get an opportunity to make your football team better. So we're going to look at any and everything that would help us do that."

If anyone could pull off a trade like this just for the start of the season, it's Browns general manager John Dorsey. The grizzled veteran has pulled off dozens of trades during his long career, including several during his short time in Cleveland. Since being hired in December, Dorsey has already pulled off trades for Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor and Damarious Randall

Of course, if the Browns do want to make a trade, they better blow the Raiders away with their offer and that's because there could be some stiff competition. According to Pro Football Talk, there are at least four teams out there who are "very seriously" looking at the possibility of trading for Mack, if the Raiders decide to deal him. 

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