For what feels like probably the 50th time this offseason, the Cleveland Browns attempted to acquire Jimmy Garopplo from the New England Patriots, this time trying to make a move while the 2017 NFL Draft clock was moving.

That's according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, who reports that during the draft the Browns buzzed the Patriots and asked them if they would deal Garoppolo.

And, according to Schefter, the Browns were rebuffed. Again. Hope did not return.

The Browns haven't made their interest in trying to get Garoppolo that much of a secret. They would like to acquire the third-year quarterback, who has one year left on his rookie contract with the Patriots (but who could be franchise tagged and traded next offseason). 

Presumably, the interest heated up when the Bears made the questionable decision to trade up from No. 3 to No. 2 and select Mitchell Trubisky. Everyone and their brother knew the Browns wanted Trubisky, but they weren't willing to use the top pick on him (and apparently weren't willing to pay the 49ers' price to come up and the second pick). 

So the Bears grabbed Trubisky, leaving the Browns to either sit at 12 and get a quarterback or to seek other alternatives. It's possible they waited until the Chiefs took Patrick Mahomes with the No. 10 pick -- Kansas City came flying up the board in a deal with Buffalo -- before making the call to the Patriots.

Once Mahomes was off the board, rumors started flying, with what appears to be an erroneous report about the Browns pursuing Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins emerging; the Browns and Redskins both rejected the notion they discussed a deal.

It stands to reason at that point the Browns picked up the phone and called New England to try and figure out if a deal was still possible, potentially by packaging No. 12 overall and a bunch of second-round picks.

Just like before, the deal wasn't happening. The Patriots probably didn't hang up on the Browns, but they certainly declined to pursue a deal. Which means the Pats could very well end up keeping Jimmy G as a backup and insurance policy for Tom Brady, despite many people protesting their decision to do so.