The Cleveland Browns received positive reviews regarding their new uniforms that were released this week, as they went back to the traditional look that was one of the more iconic uniform combinations in the league. While the Browns new uniforms were a hit, there was a glaring omission to the set. 

The new unis did not include orange pants, which were introduced in 1975 -- the era of quarterback Brian Sipe and the "Kardiac Kids" Browns team, which won the AFC Central in 1980. The orange pants returned in 2003, as Cleveland wore them seven times over the next two seasons. 

Now that the "classic" look is back, Browns executive vice president and owner J.W. Johnson is entertaining bringing the orange pants back into the rotation. 

"I know orange pants have been part of the Kardiac Kids and a lot of tradition, but I don't know, we'll see," Johnson said on Cleveland Browns Daily. "We'll have to just stay tuned and see what happens there. If we can find a way to talk Nike into getting us some orange pants, we'll get to work on that. We'll see what we can do."

The Browns new uniforms feature brown jerseys with white numbers and white jerseys with brown numbers that will be worn with brown or white pants, going back to the traditional look in Cleveland. The "Color Rush" alternate incorporate the brown jerseys with brown pants and orange numbers, but the stripes have been removed from the uniform (jerseys and pants).

Johnson admitted the Browns may have missed with the orange pants, but vows to correct it. 

"We've got the best fans in sports and we want to make sure that they're happy," Johnson said. "We want our players to be happy and we went through extensive research and worked really closely with Nike, with the NFL. We've heard from alumni, we've heard from our fans, and we knew that they weren't happy with the unveiling that we went back in in 2015, and you learn from your mistakes and you move on. We've got it right this time."