Browns 'trying to strike the right balance' in honoring Art Modell Sunday

Modell will be honored before Cleveland's game, which could get interesting. (Getty Images)

The NFL requested from all clubs that they honor former owner Art Modell with a moment of silence. This is standard behavior/policy/etc when an NFL legend passes.

But it becomes a bit tricky in Cleveland, where Modell remains an alarmingly unpopular figure. Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the Browns intend to honor Modell anyway on Sunday and are 'trying to strike the right balance' with how they do that.

"We're trying strike the right balance," Browns spokesman Neal Gulkis said Friday. "We want to show respect and dignity for Modell's family, the community and the fans."

Modell died of natural causes at the age of 87 on Thursday and there was a significant display of admiration from the majority of folks around the NFL ... with the exception of Cleveland.

There is a legitimate chance that if the Browns hold a moment of silence for a man who just died that it will be bet with raucous booing in Cleveland. That's just how Browns fans feel about Modell, and they don't seem particularly intent on ever forgiving him.

Honestly, it's a shame that something like that could happen. Should Browns fans have been angry about Modell moving the team? Yes, of course. But the key there is have been. The man is dead. There is a new team -- and has been a new team -- in Cleveland for some time.

And even if that team hasn't won much since they returned, it's been long enough now for Cleveland fans to do the honorable thing and not boo a dead man when he's given the proper show of respect during a moment of silence before a football game.

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