Browns' wild 36-hour trading spree reportedly left other NFL teams 'stunned'

If you were shocked by all the moves the Browns made over the weekend, you're not the only one. Apparently, multiple NFL teams were stunned by all the trades Cleveland pulled off over a 36-hour period on Friday and Saturday. 

According to Pro Football Talk, "the trades stunned others who had been negotiating potential moves with the Browns." Basically, the Browns had been trying to cut a deal with anyone they could and if they couldn't get something done with one team, they called another team, even if they were still technically negotiating with the first team. If the Browns got something done with that other team, then the first team would just be left hanging. 

Any team that was working on a potential trade with the Browns probably figured they had a little bit of time to negotiate, but that wasn't the case on Friday, as the Browns pulled off a total of three trades in just hours. At one point, it almost felt like if you blinked, you were going to miss a Browns trade. 

NFL teams were basically shocked by how quickly the trades went down. It was a wild series of events from a team that couldn't even file trade paperwork correctly five months ago. 

New general manager John Dorsey has definitely changed the climate in Cleveland. It's not often that the rest of the league is stunned by something the Browns have done, but that's exactly what happened during the team's rash of trades. 

Over a period of 36 hours, the Browns added a starting quarterback (Tyrod Taylor), a starting receiver (Jarvis Landry), a potential starting cornerback (Damarious Randall) and dumped a former first-round pick who didn't fit their defensive scheme anymore (Danny Shelton). 

As a matter of fact, the Browns made so many trades over the weekend that it actually became news when they decided not to make any trades on Sunday. 

If you're wondering how the Browns and everyone else made out during the chaotic 36 hours of trading, be sure to check out our "winners and losers" piece by clicking here

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