Bruce Arians disputes reports that he'll retire at the end of the season

The Arizona Cardinals' season has spiraled a little bit out of control. Star running back David Johnson dislocated his wrist in Week 1, and things have not been great since. Sure, the Cards are 3-4, but now Carson Palmer is out for an extended period of time, too, leaving the team without the two offensive engines expected to power it back to the playoff picture this year. Things are not looking up.

Given the age of a lot of the principles, there was a lot of talk before the season that this might be the last ride for this version of the Cardinals. Whether things went well or poorly, maybe Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald and coach Bruce Arians would ride off into the sunset at the end of the year. 

On Tuesday evening, a report surfaced that Arians was ready to do just that. 

Bruce Arians does not intend to return as the coach of the Arizona Cardinals next season, multiple sources confirm to ABC15 Sports Director Craig Fouhy.

Fouhy has learned that Arians has told many close to him that he intends to make the 2017 season his last with the Cardinals. Fouhy's sources include two NFL coaches.

For his part, Arians took to Twitter (and text) messaging to quickly shoot down the report: 

"I don't know who put that out there," Arians also texted ESPN's Ian Fitzsimmons. "But that's something I never think about until the end of the season. I'm just focused on being 1-0 this week."

In response to Arians' denials, Fouhy had this to say: "Even if it's true, this is the last thing Arians is going to want to announce right now. I'm not surprised he is denying it. Of course the Cardinals don't want this distraction during the middle of the season. You're seven games into the season with nine games to go. The last thing you want to have to discuss is your coach possibly retiring."

It remains to be seen what Arians will do when the season comes to a close, but for now, his team is ostensibly in the playoff mix at 3-4. They'll be counting on Drew Stanton, Adrian Peterson, Fitzgerald and the Browns (John and Jaron) to get them over the top, though, so the smart bet right now is probably on them ending up on the outside looking in. 

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