Someone needs to give Irvin a lesson in comedy. (USATSI)

April Fool's Day: the worst since forever. It brings out the least self-aware in everyone, including Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin who tweeted out on Wednesday morning an apology for a DUI arrest.

Everyone saw it happen and thought it was a prank in real time.

But 15 minutes or so after he hadn't tweeted "April Fool's!" it was getting kind of awkward. 25 minutes later, Irvin brought the hilarity full circle.

HA HA HA. At least a few of us. Got 'ems, I guess. 

You'll be surprised to learn that, really, no one found this amusing and Irvin had to apologize for a fake apology.

Jokes are great. Not being too serious about life is also great. But not having any situational awareness is a bad thing. It's the offseason. NFL players getting arrested for DUI is a huge deal.

Irvin lacked that awareness on April Fool's Day. And someone at the Seahawks will probably remind him.