The 2019 NFL passing champion is still searching for an NFL home, and it is becoming more and more likely that he will begin the 2020 season on the bench. Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston led the league with 5,109 passing yards, came in second with 33 passing touchdowns but also led the NFL in interceptions with 30 last season. 

Only a couple of teams are considered to still be searching for a starting quarterback, and with the 2020 NFL Draft quickly approaching, it appears Winston will indeed be looking at a signing a contract to become a backup. Clearly, the first-ever "30-30" season in NFL history is scaring teams away, but a former teammate of Winston's believes that he gets more blame than he deserves. Wide receiver Chris Godwin -- who recently gave up his No. 12 to new Bucs quarterback Tom Brady -- says that half of the picks Winston threw in 2019 were not his fault.

"I definitely think he got more of the blame than he deserved," Godwin said in a recent interview with The Boardroom, via Jenna Laine of ESPN. "I think he's a really, really talented quarterback. Obviously there are things that he does that you can't teach, and there are plays that he made that just weren't smart plays."

"But a lot of the mistakes and interceptions that he made, I would say half of them were because of a bad read on someone else's part."

While Godwin is probably right in saying that Winston threw some interceptions that were not his fault, there were also some other passes that probably should have been intercepted that were not. Winston threw nine more interceptions than Baker Mayfield -- who came in second with 21 picks. That's quite a wide gap, but there are five other players in NFL history who have thrown 30 interceptions in a single season. In fact, there are six players who have thrown more than 30 interceptions in a season! Winston would have had to throw 13 more interceptions in 2019 to break George Blanda's record of 42 he set back in 1962. 

When it comes down to it, however, that kind of blame is just what comes with playing the quarterback position. In the box score you will get credit for a 70-yard touchdown pass that was actually just a screen, but you also will get the blame for the interception where the ball was tipped up into the air by your receiver, who should have made the catch. 

"There have been times where receivers either ran the wrong route -- I've been guilty of running a wrong route or not being in a spot where he thought I was going to be, and you get intercepted and you get a turnover," Godwin said. "It's not just him. I think people who are really entrenched in football understand that -- that the quarterback gets a lot more of the blame than he deserves. Sometimes he gets a lot more credit than he deserves, too. But that's just the nature for the position."