A Buccaneers-Panthers game that didn't involve Cam Newton, Doug Martin, Gerald McCoy, Jonathan Stewart, Robert Ayers, and INSERT ANY NOTABLE NAME HERE shockingly wasn't the best in terms of quality. It wasn't all too bad in terms of drama, though.

Week 5 of "Monday Night Football" ended up coming down to the right foot of Roberto Aguayo, the Buccaneers' unreliable rookie kicker who missed two fields goals at prior points in the game. On the game's final play, Aguayo drilled the go-ahead kick to vault his team past the Panthers, providing the viewers who bravely stuck around with a feel-good moment.

But the late-game drama shouldn't take away from the quality of the game. It was awful.

There were three missed field goals. Tedd Ginn Jr. muffed a punt because someone on his own team collided with him.

Jameis Winston, at one point, looked like he was actually trying to fumble the ball directly into the arms of the Panthers. Derek Anderson, at several points, threw the ball directly to the defense. The Buccaneers handed the Panthers a free first down on a roughing the punter penalty. Ron Rivera challenged a Buccaneers' third-down completion that fell short of the first-down marker.

It was that sort of game.

Perhaps that's why both coaching staffs entered Monday night with one objective: Get the game over with as quickly as possible.

Both opted to go with a run-heavy approaches, despite the fact they were relying on backup running backs. From the Newton-less Panthers' perspective, that strategy made sense. From the Buccaneers' perspective, it made a lot less sense given their starting quarterback was actually healthy.

Yet on the game's opening drive, the Buccaneers gave the ball to Jacquizz Rodgers 11 (ELEVEN!!!) times. That 15-play drive ended with a field goal. The Buccaneers crawled their way to a 6-0 lead at halftime.

The Panthers ended the shutout with two touchdowns in the third quarter, building a 14-6 advantage. Winston responded with an easy touchdown toss to Mike Evans and a two-point conversion, and the two sides entered the final frame deadlocked at 14.

Then Derek Anderson happened, tossing the world's worst interception in the end zone.

And then Aguayo happened, missing a go-ahead field goal.

But Aguayo was given a chance to redeem himself and he did just that, booting the game-winning field goal on the final play. With the win, the Buccaneers improve to 2-3 on the season while the Panthers drop to 1-4 just one year after going 15-1 and journeying all the way to the Super Bowl.

Here's what you need to know from the game.

1. Redemption for Roberto Aguayo

Roberto Aguayo's disastrous rookie season continued with two missed field goals. And he still managed to walk away as the hero of the Buccaneers' win.

Aguayo, the kicker the Buccaneers selected in the second round, already entered the game on shaky ground. That shaky ground turned into a sinkhole when his first field goal attempt of the night clanked off the left upright.

His second field goal, which would've handed his team a fourth-quarter lead, screamed past the wrong side of the right upright. Aguayo couldn't make a kick, as the entire football world (minus Panthers fans) rooted for redemption.

He ended up getting that chance. And this time, his kick sailed through the uprights.

"It meant the world," Aguayo said after the game.

Of note: That kick still doesn't justify the Buccaneers' decision to draft a kicker in the second round. Nothing ever will.

2. Dirk Koetter does not trust Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston entered the game having thrown eight interceptions in four games. He didn't throw one against the Panthers, but that mainly had more to do with Dirk Koetter's game plan rather than Winston himself.

At halftime, Winston was nine of 14 for 85 yards. Most of those throws were near or behind the line of scrimmage and when Winston did uncork deep passes, they often sailed over his receivers' arms.

The Buccaneers refused to open up the offense until they fell into an eight-point hole in the third quarter. At first, that appeared to be a good move, as Winston responded by tossing a 26-yard touchdown to Mike Evans.

Look at Evans' double move:

Winston then hit Adam Humphries for the extra two points, knotting up the score at 14 points apiece.

But after that successful drive, Winston continued missing his receivers down the field. His misses weren't even close. To be clear, he looked awful.

And Koetter, again, took the ball out of Winston's hands. When the Buccaneers gained possession of the ball with two minutes remaining in a tied game, Koetter kept the ground game going, even with the clock ticking. He did not trust Winston to throw the ball to his own team.

Yet Winston wound up completing a couple of crucial passes to guide the Buccaneers into field goal range. Koetter continued to mix in handoffs and the Panthers aided the Buccaneers' game-winning "drive" with an inexcusable facemask penalty, which set up Aguayo for his game-winning kick.

In all, Winston went 18 of 30 for 219 yards and a touchdown. But there are still issues he and the coaching staff clearly need to work out if the Buccaneers are going to have any chance at making a playoff run.

3. Derek Anderson: Not good

It turns out Derek Anderson is a backup quarterback for a reason.

He was not good against Buccaneers, completing 18 of his 28 passes for 278 yards and two interceptions. He blew a walk-in touchdown by missing Greg Olsen in the end zone. He coughed up the ball when he tried to back his way into a first down.

He stared down Kelvin Benjamin on his first interception.

His second interception is a contender for worst interception of the season.

Double coverage? Check.

First down? Check.

Tie game? Check.

Fourth quarter? Check.

Shocked face? Check.

When's Cam Newton coming back? As soon as he's done riding around town.

4. Greg Olsen: The hero we needed

Panthers tight end Greg Olsen saved the sloppy game. He served as Anderson's only reliable target, catching nine passes for 181 yards and what should've been a short touchdown if not for a poor throw from Anderson.

This is Gronk-esque:

Greg Olsen: Still good with subpar quarterback play.

5. Jacquizz Rodgers: Workhorse

In a span of a month, Jacquizz Rodgers went from Chicago's castoff, to Atlanta's third-stringer, to backup, to RB1, to an RB1 who gets 30 carries in a single game. Rodgers, taking over at running back for the injured Doug Martin and Charles Sims, didn't just fill in Monday night. He took over the game.

In the first half alone, Rodgers received 17 carries -- one shy of his career-high in a single game. By the end of the game, Rodgers racked up 101 rushing yards and added 28 yards through the air.

He was the Buccaneers' best player (which might not be the best sign).

6. Dirk Koetter's sloppy Buccaneers

Midway through the second quarter, the Buccaneers' offense faced a third-and-1 near the Panthers' five-yard line. They got called for a false start and backed up five yards. They then got called for a delay of game, scooting back an additional five yards. Then they burned a timeout. After the break, Winston finally got the snap off, but fired high and wide of his target.

So, the Buccaneers' settled for a field goal. Aguayo clanked the chip shot off the left upright.

To review:

Later, in the third quarter, the Buccaneers forced the Panthers to punt around midfield. They proceeded to get flagged for roughing the punter. The Panthers cashed in on the extra chance by scoring a touchdown.

Finally, before Aguayo missed that critical fourth-quarter field goal, it's worth pointing out that Koetter called for a running play on third-and-9. Perhaps that reflects just how little confidence Koetter has in Winston, but it's also downright dumb. Why were the Buccaneers playing for a long field instead of either going for seven points or a shorter field goal?

Koetter's team isn't just bad. It's downright sloppy. It's not well coached.

7. Riverboat Ron is alive and well

The Panthers, who were shut out in the first half after Graham Gano missed a field goal in the closing seconds, struck back to take an early 7-6 lead in the third quarter. They took the lead thanks for Ron Rivera, who smartly gambled by going for fourth-and-goal from the one-yard line.

Cameron Artis-Payne leapt over the line for the touchdown.

Artis-Payne scored again later in the quarter and finished with 85 yards on 18 carries.

8. What's next?

The Buccaneers playoff hopes remain alive. They're still trailing the 4-1 Falcons, but they're not dead yet. They'll travel to San Francisco to take on the 49ers after their bye week, which is much needed considering all of the injuries that have consumed their roster.

The Panthers' playoff hopes might be done. Though Cam Newton is expected to return for their game against the Saints next week, they're 1-4 and hardly resemble the team they were a year ago.