Bucs' Doug Martin wants 'Douginator' as nickname instead of 'Muscle Hamster'

We already know that Buccaneers rookie running back Doug Martin hates his "Muscle Hamster" nickname, a moniker that he picked up in college because of his physical stature.

And that's his right. But I'm not so sure that his other choice is any better: Martin told Bill Cowher on The NFL Today that he wants to be called "Douginator."

"I hate it. I hate it," Martin told Cowher when asked about his nickname. "Hamsters are so small."

"But the muscles make him bigger!" Cowher responded.

"It doesn't help. It's not intimidating at all."

Cowher then offered Martin a chance on national television to get a new nickname out there. And that's when he dropped "Douginator."

"I guess the 'Douginator' would be fine," Martin said. "It's cooler than the 'Muscle Hamster.'"

Or is it Douganator? Whatever the spelling is, it's absolutely not cooler than the Hamster nickname. Some of the other ones thrown out there are "Martin Scoreseasy" (pretty awesome, creative) and "Douggernaut."

Either of those would be better than "Douginator."

In other Doug Martin-related news, it was interesting to hear what the Muscle Hamster had to say about the comparisons that he often receives to Baltimore's Ray Rice. The Tampa Bay back says:

"I can see the comparison because of the small stature and because of the height and weight. But I don't try to emulate one exact back," Martin said. "What I did is check out YouTube videos and try to take something from every single one of them. It would have to be one of Walter Payton's runs where he's just bulldozing everybody."

That's a telling indication of the type of runner that Martin is -- he's not afraid at all to get physical with a defense and smashmouth teams despite his smallish size.

And if Martin ends up approaching anything near a Payton-like career, you can bet we'll figure out a way to get him a nickname that's worthy of his skills and performance.

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