Last summer, Bud Light made a bold wager with the city of Philadelphia. On Sunday, after the Eagles beat the odds to win their first Super Bowl, Bud Light now has to put its money where its mouth is.

Or, technically, Bud Light will have to put its beer where Eagles fans' mouths are.

Back in August, Eagles lineman Lane Johnson promised beer for everyone if Philly won the Super Bowl in the upcoming season. Shortly after that promise from Johnson, Bud Light stepped in to pick up the very hefty tab on the tackle's behalf.

Fast forward to Super Bowl LII and, what do you know, it was the Eagles defeating the Patriots in an upset win for their first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history. Now, Bud Light is responsible for buying every Eagles fan a drink in what will undoubtedly be a very massive (and very raucous) party in Pennsylvania. 

And it turns out Bud Light has already decreed that it will make good on the bet:

Dilly Dilly? More like Philly Philly. (Drink responsibility, or something like that.)