Buffalo Bills file trademark for 'Respect the Process,' but they may face a hurdle

Just a year after making the postseason, the Buffalo Bills appear to be embracing the rebuild. Specifically, they seem to be going the 76ers route of "Processing." According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, the Bills filed a trademark for "Respect the Process" on May 23, but they may face a 7-foot hurdle along the way.

While the 76ers never trademarked "The Process," Joel Embiid has embraced what it took for the 76ers to become competitive. Embiid, who still has "The Process" stretched across his profile on Twitter and referred to himself as such, was never shy about the Sixers' plans -- nor did he ever deride the franchise for their transparent tanking efforts.

The Bills likely aren't tanking -- one wouldn't expect a playoff team to do so -- but they may be preparing people to take a step back. It's good branding, really, if you can convince people you're losing for the greater good. Who knows, maybe Josh Allen will come out and light the NFL on fire if he gets a chance to play. Head coach Sean McDermott simply loves the expression, and he doesn't necessarily view it with a rebuilding connotation.

"There's a lot that I took out of last season that went well and there's some things that we need to improve," McDermott said, via NYup.com. "It's just about improving every day, every year, really, and embracing, as I said before, that growth mindset and respecting the process that goes on this time of year as we continue to improve and build this team."

Embiid's trademark may make getting this trademark to go through difficult, but the Bills want people to know that they're getting better too.

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