There are a lot of delusional human beings out there in the world and you can count Chicago Bulls forward Jimmy Butler in the group. Because Butler believes he would be a better NFL wide receiver than Demaryius Thomas and Antonio Brown.

Speaking at a Team USA basketball practice, Butler told ESPN he would be better than two of the best wideouts in the entire league (Brown is unquestionably the best right now).

"I really love the game of football. I think I'm really good at it. I could probably take Demaryius Thomas' spot, Antonio Brown's spot," Butler said. "I told them they're lucky I'm playing in the Olympics or I would be getting a franchise tag from one of their organizations."

Asked what NBA player could dominate at football, Butler doubled down.

"Me. Like, I'm very serious," he said. "I think if you were to ask people that aren't haters, which everybody on this team is, it would be me because I'm fast and I have great hands. I can really catch."

His teammates, um, disagree.

Kevin Durant called him an "idiot" multiple times and said he wouldn't even own him in fantasy football.

"I wouldn't pick you on my fantasy team if you were in the league right now," Durant told Butler. "You would be on the waiver wire on the second week. Like, get out of here. Scram."

Draymond Green flat out crushed him.

"Jimmy's not as good a receiver as the worst receiver in the NFL," Green said.

Demaryius was actually asked by ESPN what he thinks about Butler and gave him some props but said it wouldn't be that close.

"Deep down inside he knows he's not better than me," the Broncos receiver said. "I actually saw that post route he had. It wasn't bad. But he's not ready for the NFL."

And after hearing all the comments, Butler finally caved, acknowledging he might not actually be better at football than the guys who play it professionally.

"I might have exaggerated a little bit about being better than Demaryius and Antonio," Butler said. "But they're not going to find out I said this on camera."

Big old whoops on all counts.