The Giants are a big old steaming mess right now, having benched Eli Manning this week for Geno Smith and potentially facing a situation where ownership decides to can Ben McAdoo regardless of what happens in Week 13 against the Raiders

The decision to bench Eli did not sit well with former Giants. Both Plaxico Burress (who caught many big passes from Eli) and Michael Strahan (one of the more famous NFL players in the media now and a guy who won a Super Bowl with Eli) came out and publicly bashed the Giants decision to bench the franchise quarterback.

Alumni of the Giants may take it a step further next week in the Cowboys-Giants game, as Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports some 25 former players are concocting a plan to really stir up some controversy.

According to Glazer, the former players intend to appear on the sideline of the high-profile divisional game while wearing Eli jerseys. 

"There's a group of ex-players that are right now planning to go to next week's Cowboys-Giants game, about 25 guys, who are hoping to go to the sideline, all donning an Eli Manning jersey in support of Eli," Glazer reported on Sunday afternoon. 

Glazer also reported that there was an absolute flood of complaints directed toward the Giants that came from sponsors, fans and season ticket holders. They were, to say the least, not happy.

And this might be exactly why John Mara is contemplating making a move on the coaching front. The Giants have been a patient team for much of the time the Mara and Tisch families have run the franchise. 

But this is about as ugly as it can get in terms of a botched PR job. Glazer reported that McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese -- whose seat also remains firmly on fire -- went to Mara with a plan to bench Eli. It doesn't sound like the whole thing was very well thought out, or that everyone was remotely on the same page.

McAdoo might not have crafted the whole plan, but he's the face of it. And it would be VERY ugly if a host of former Giants -- most of whom are likely pretty big names within the organization and publicly -- were to show up wearing Eli jerseys. It would be an open rebellion and it would make the franchise look very dumb. 

Perhaps canning McAdoo would stem the tide. But it might not matter if Eli ends up being benched and the Giants end up getting smashed by the Raiders on Sunday with Geno Smith at the helm.