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The Houston Texans and New York Jets don't have a rivalry right now, but they might have one going forward after some recent comments that C.J Stroud made about Aaron Rodgers

During a recent interview on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, the Texans quarterback mentioned Rodgers multiple times and it wasn't exactly in a positive manner. At one point during the podcast, Stroud was asked if he would rather have Eli Manning's career or Rodgers' career and he didn't hesitate with his answer

"You want the rings, Eli got two," Stroud said. 

Manning won two Super Bowls during his 16-year career, but he also finished with a .500 record (117-117). As for Rodgers, he only has one Super Bowl, but he does have four MVP awards in his trophy case. Not to mention, Rodgers is still playing, so he still has a chance to match Manning's two Super Bowl wins. As things stand now, though, Stroud would prefer Manning's career. 

At another point in the podcast, Stroud insinuated that the reason Rodgers only has one Super Bowl win is because he might not be such a good teammate. 

"You know what I think it is? I've talked to Tom Brady about this because he's a good mentor to me," Stroud said, via Athlon Sports. "What he told me is his teammates, and how he treats his teammates. And that's where I think it falls off for Rodgers. We don't know how Aaron Rodgers treats his teammates, but you can guarantee that Tom Brady treats his teammates right because how he got those rings."

On top of that, Stroud also said that if someone like Matthew Stafford had been given the same supporting cast as Rodgers throughout his career that he would have done much better

"If you give Matthew Stafford a chance like Aaron Rodgers had, I guarantee you he might have had more rings," Stroud said. "I'd say he would have like three or four [rings]."

On one hand, this could be viewed as Stroud criticizing Rodgers for underperforming during his time with the Packers, but it's also worth noting that the reigning offensive rookie of the year seems to be a huge fan of Stafford, so that also likely factored into his answer. 

"I'm a student of the game and that's all I watch, I watch nobody else," Stroud said of Stafford. "I watch [Patrick] Mahomes at times, because Mahomes does stuff I like, but you can't coach [that]. Stafford, though, he'll beat you with the same thing every time. ... I'm a fan of his."

Stroud is a fan of Stafford, but he doesn't seem to be a fan of Rodgers, and because of that, you should go ahead and circle Halloween night on your calendar right now, because that's when the Jets will play host to the Texans on "Thursday Night Football."

During his interview, Stroud was also asked to rank the top five quarterbacks in the NFL and he didn't have Stafford or Rodgers on the list, but he did have himself. If you want to see his full list, which has Mahomes at the top, you can check it out here