Sometimes on a five-game losing streak, all you can really do is lighten the mood a bit. The Panthers are struggling, Cam Newton is clearly injured and Greg Olsen is on IR, so the duo sang some karaoke to lighten things up a bit. And they sang the hell out of it, with some amazing song choices.

Be soothed by Newton's dulcet tones.

We may have finally found the one thing Newton isn't good at. He sounds like his Instagram characters look, but to his credit, that's a really gutsy choice. There are not a lot of people who can make "Let It Burn" work.

Olsen gets, well, fewer bonus points. He gets a few for self-depreciation, but doing the rap from "8 Mile" is a classic move and isn't going to hurt you any. Besides, we all know Olsen can rap from his time with "The 7th Floor Crew." Do not look up that video if you're sensitive to language, because it is wildly inappropriate.

Newton and the Panthers need to right the ship somehow. Before they played the Steelers they were challenging the Saints for the NFC South, and now they're under .500 and need help to reach the playoffs. Things have taken a turn for the worse, and with two of their last three games coming against the Saints, their lives aren't getting any easier.