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Eventually, Mac Jones will be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. That much became very clear when the Patriots used the 15th pick of the first round to select Jones -- the highest draft pick they have used on a quarterback during the Bill Belichick era. 

But the Pats do still have Cam Newton on the roster, so the job may not be Jones' right away. Throughout the offseason, the default assumption has been that the Patriots will start Newton early on and transition to Jones at some undefined point down the line, whether that be during this season or for the 2022 campaign. 

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Newton, though, has reportedly been struggling with his throws during training camp -- and those struggles apparently continued on Monday. He was then asked whether or not Bill Belichick has told him that he'll be the starter for New England by the time Week 1 rolls around in early September. 

Cryptically, Newton simply responded, "Everything y'all know, I know."

He likely meant that the other way around. (As in everything he knows, the media also knows, which implies that Belichick has not yet named a starter.) Belichick will surely use whichever player he feels gives him a better chance to win on game day. At the moment, it's not necessarily clear who that is. And that's probably not a good sign for Newton, since the job is eventually going to belong to Jones anyway.