Cam Newton is getting killed for not diving on a fumble late in Super Bowl

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- The end of Super Bowl 50 is not shaping up as a good look for the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton didn't want to answer questions following a mistake-ridden game. Ron Rivera punted on 4th down with the Panthers trailing by 14 and 2 minutes on the clock.

And Cam was spotted appearing to not have any interest in diving on a loose football late in the game.

People are not impressed with Cam's decision. Some might even call that a "business decision." 

Not everyone is killing Newton for the move ... 

But the majority of folks are wondering why he wouldn't go leaping on a fumble late in the game.

When you see the play it feels like a legit question.

Cam didn't dive on the ball. (USATSI)

Some Broncos players ripped Newton for not being interested in diving on the ball as well. He'd be beaten up pretty bad the entire game, taking more hits than any game in his career. 

Aqib Talib told Mike Silver of Newton "tapped out," while Chris Harris said Cam was "scared to throw" the ball.

"Cam was scared to throw it. He looked blind," Harris said. "He couldn't figure out where to throw. That's what pressure does, man."

The Broncos brought tons of pressure on Newton, so much so that by the end of the game he looked almost like he was willing not to dive on a loose football. 

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