Cam Newton will star in his own 20-episode show on Nickelodeon

Cam Newton is coming to TV screens across the world. Well, even more screens than usual for the Panthers' star quarterback.

Beginning next year, Newton will star in his own 20-episode TV series, which will be shown on Nickelodeon. The show, titled I Wanna Be, will feature Newton helping children make their dreams come true.

According to Sporting News, those dreams include "decorating award-winning cakes and landing a spot on a Broadway stage."

"Time in the spotlight has made me realize the importance of creating positive messages to inspire the next generation. I'm very passionate about mentoring young people, and this show will be the perfect opportunity to help talented kids get the chance to pursue their dreams," Newton said in a release, via Sporting News.

In addition to starring in the show, which will be filmed in the offseason, Newton will also serve as an executive producer.

"It's really unbelievable," Newton said at his weekly press conference, via Fox Sports. "You know I'm a kid at heart, we all know that. But yet, I think nowadays days, so much is really said about reality TV. After knowing so many people that are actually there, I didn't necessarily want to go that route."

Newton has shown off his acting chops in the past, starring in that one NFL Rush commerical where a kid threatens to become Newton's mom's favorite player. He also starred in a Gatorade commercial in which he knocks a few Gatorades out of a person's hands.

Something tells me he won't be doing that on his new show.

So, Cam Newton just got his own TV show. (USATSI)
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