Caption this: Probably the best photo of 1990s QBs ever

1990s NFL quarterbacks (Twitter)
The jackets. The Zubaz. Players' names on their hats. What's not to love? (Twitter/@SamuelYLam)

The 1990s brought us some fine quarterbacking. That's evident within the below photo. But what we children of the 90s didn't know was, how many important (or at least relevant) post-playing QBs we'd have.

First, the imagery. 

As Samuel Lam kindly points out, there's Jim Harbaugh, he of Niners -- and khaki -- fame. There's Phil Simms, lead broadcaster for CBS. There's Troy Aikman, lead broadcaster for Fox. There's Steve Young, ESPN guy. There's John Elway, architect of the Broncos. 

And there's Bernie Kosar. 

Novels could be written off this photo alone, but we ask you, kind reader, to leave your photo captions in the comments below. 

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