Cardinals' Bruce Arians released from hospital after health scare

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has been released from an Arizona hospital after undergoing tests and is expected back at work this week, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Arians was taken to a hospital by his wife in the early hours of Monday morning after suffering chest pains.

Gerry Dulac, a beat writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who covered Arians when he was the Steelers' offensive coordinator, reported that all of Arians' tests "came back clean." Arians complained of chest pains upon returning to Arizona following the Cardinals' 30-24 loss to the Vikings.

This isn't the first time this year that Arians has had issues with his health. Back in August, the Cardinals coach was hospitalized after suffering stomach pains before an Arizona practice in San Diego.

During the San Diego incident, Arians was required to stay at the hospital overnight. After being released, Arians said that his hospitalization was related to the fact that he doesn't rest much and that he likes to "push it."

"I'm too old not to listen to doctors anymore," Arians said, said at the time. "I have a tendency to push it ... but it's nothing serious."

Arians spent less than 24 hours in the San Diego hospital.

"A bunch of stomach pain and slumping over, which is what it does to you," Arians said. "I thought it was a kidney stone at first. (The pain) kept building and building."

Arians was also hospitalized in January 2013 after coming down with an inner-ear infection. At the time, the 63-year-old was the offensive coordinator of the Colts. Arians was hired by the Cardinals just nine days after that hospital stay.

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