The Arizona Cardinals have played 11 games so far this season. While they have disappointed by accumulating a 4-6-1 record, there is one player that has been anything but a disappointment: David Johnson.

  • 132
  • 143
  • 111
  • 124
  • 185
  • 138
  • 171
  • 108
  • 101
  • 160
  • 161

Notice anything special about those numbers? They're all over 100. In each of the Cardinals' 11 games this season, David Johnson has totaled at least 100 yards from scrimmage.

He's the only player in the league to reach that mark in all 11 games, and if he keeps up his streak, he will not only break the current record of 15 games with at least 100-plus yards from scrimmage in a single season, but also become the only player in NFL history to record at least 100 yards from scrimmage in every game of his team's season.

1Marcus Allen198515
2Edgerrin James200015
3Barry Sanders199715
4William Andrews198114
5Barry Foster199214
6Steven Jackson200614
7Emmitt Smith199514
8LaDainian Tomlinson200614

Being that Johnson took over as the Cardinals' starting running back with five games remaining in the 2015 season, he actually has now played 16 games in that role in his career. In those 16 games, he has 15 with at least 100 yards from scrimmage, which would tie him for the record if they had happened in the same year.

It's fitting that Marshall Faulk is the only player to do in a full season what Johnson has done in his first 16 starts, because Cardinals GM Steve Keim said during the preseason that the only player to whom he would compare Johnson is actually Faulk.

"A lot of people have compared him to Marshall Faulk, and our coaches had Marshall Faulk in Indy," Keim said. "I think he's very similar in some ways athletically and in terms of ball-catching skills to Marshall."

Things seem to be working out pretty well so far on that comparison. After his huge Week 12 game, Johnson now leads the NFL in both yards from scrimmage and total touchdowns, having taken the lead from the Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott in both categories. Faulk led the NFL in yards from scrimmage (1999, 2000) and total touchdowns (2001, 2002) twice each during a four-year period when he was with the Rams.