Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins are both as cool as the other side of the pillow. Despite being just 23 years old, the former is seemingly unflappable no matter the situation or how big the stage, a point evidenced in what he did against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon at University of Phoenix Stadium. After watching quarterback Josh Allen deliver what could've been the fatal blow with a touchdown to Stefon Diggs to give the Bills a 30-26 lead with only 34 seconds left in regulation, Murray faced nearly insurmountable odds in having to move the Cardinals into position for one final heave into the end zone, but he did; and that's when he and Hopkins stole the show.

The right-handed (this is key) reigning Rookie of the Year rolled to his left to escape a game-ending sack and just before he made it to the sideline, he adjusted his body and launched a 43-yard pass deep to Hopkins -- who outjumped three Bills defensive backs to reel in the game-winning touchdown. The play will go down in history as the "Hail Murray," and the Cardinals quarterback says it wasn't a fluke at all -- they practice it often.

"It's a play we work every week," he told "Tiki and Tierney" on CBS Sports Radio and CBS Sports Network. "It was designed to roll left. They did a good job containing me, or trying to at least. At that point, it was just me and D-Hop on the field. 

"I locked in on D-Hop. I let it go and knew it would be a catchable ball when it left my hand. That's why he is who he is and he did the rest."

"It was on three people," Hopkins told media with a smile after the game. "They were in position. It was just a better catch by I."

Of course, Murray also made it sound much easier than it actually was but, for him as well, it might've actually been -- thanks to his escapability and ability to make throws under duress.

"The difficulty of the throw, it just seemed normal to me," Murray said. "It's definitely hard to do, especially to get outside the rusher. I think a lot of QBs don't get outside of him and the play's dead."

Instead, the Cardinals came alive when it mattered most, and Hopkins continues to make good on the organization's decision to fleece the Houston Texans in a trade this offseason to acquire him. The perennial All-Pro already has 861 receiving yards and four touchdowns with seven games left to play, and is currently on track for 1,530 receiving yards this season -- the second-most of his stellar career. 

"In my eyes, he's the best in the game," Murray said of his new receiving weapon. "I've been watching him for years, but now that we have him on our team, he just adds a different dynamic to the offense. As soon as we got him, we got tremendously better. I have full confidence in all our guys, but D-Hop takes our offense to the next level."

And with that coffin-sealing throw against the Bills on Sunday, does Murray view himself as a candidate for league MVP? 

"As far as MVP goes, I think for me personally as a player -- yes."