Carlos Danger is's top trending fantasy football name

Le'Veon Bell's injury may derail his pun-able fantasy name appeal. (USATSI)

As is our practice this time of year, we're back to ensure you have a respectible, er, groin-grabbingly good fantasy team name.

And how do you do that? By seeing what others are naming their teams.

To broaden our list, which remains largely unchanged from last week, we've solicited the help of other human beings. Other human beings who use Twitter.

Our friendly social media editor, Jameson Fleming, asked fans for team names and the responses were puntastic.

Before we get to the top tweets, here's what's trending on 

1. Carlos Danger (last week No. 2)
2. Show me your TDs (No. 1)
3. TBD (No. 3)
4. Da Bears (No. 6)
5. Heisenberg (No. 5)
6. Cowboys (No. 9)
7. Steel Curtain (No. 11)
8. Victorious Secret (No. 7)
9. Prestige Worlwide (No. 4)
10. Big Blue (No. 12)

While Carlos Danger regains its top spot from earlier this summer, it's a list barren of creativity. We do, however, patiently await the hatching of those TBDs into witty, clever, dare I say, alliterative team names.

In the meantime, I can report that The Big Tebowski is trending, moving from No. 172 to No. 46. Virgin white Russians for all. 

Onward to some of the better names from Twitter.

And one we like from earlier this week

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