Game Recap

Carolina didn't have too much trouble with Baltimore on Sunday as they won 36-21. The success made it back-to-back wins for Carolina.

Carolina got off to a slow start in their last week, but they had no such trouble against Baltimore as they cruised to a 24-point first half. Baltimore wasn't quite able to keep up, scoring 7 to make it 24-7 heading into the break. Carolina were outperformed in the second half 12-14 but had enough points saved up to walk away with the win.

Among those leading the charge for Carolina was Cam Newton, who accumulated 219 passing yards and picked up 52 yards on the ground on 10 carries. Cam Newton has made a name for himself in their last seven games, proving himself to be a reliable offensive weapon. Christian McCaffrey also deserves a shout-out for his two TDs.

The victory bumped Carolina's record up to 5-2. The loss dropped Baltimore back to even at 4-4.

Carolina will stay at home next week against Tampa Bay at 2:00 p.m. Baltimore will take on Pittsburgh at home at 2:00 p.m. Pittsburgh are cruising in on a three-game winning streak.