Game Recap

Carolina might be getting used to good results now that the squad has three wins in a row. They walked away with a 42-28 victory over Tampa Bay.

The game started off well for Carolina, whose offense put up 35 first-half points. Tampa Bay wasn't quite able to keep up, scoring 14 to make it 35-14 heading into the break. Although Carolina wound up losing the second-half battle, they still had enough in reserve to win the war.

Christian McCaffrey, who rushed for 79 yards and 2 touchdowns on 17 carries, was a major factor in Carolina's success. On the defensive end, they got some fancy footwork from Mario Addison, who dodged the offensive line for 3 sacks.

The win bumped Carolina's record up to 6-2. This is the second loss in a row for Tampa Bay and nudges their record down to 3-5.

Next week Carolina will take on Pittsburgh at 9:20 p.m. Carolina will be hoping to continue their now three-game streak of scoring more points each matchup than the last. As for Tampa Bay, they will face off against Washington. Both of those teams took a loss in their last game, so they'll have plenty of motivation to get the 'W'.