Carson Palmer says Tom Brady got what he deserved with his suspension

When the Cardinals open their season on Sunday night against the Patriots, a certain someone will be noticeably absent from New England's sideline.

In case you somehow managed to avoid all NFL news over the past 18 months, the Patriots won't have Tom Brady, who will be serving the first week of a four-game suspension.

Now, when it comes to Brady's suspension, most people basically stand on one of two sides: Half of America seems to think Brady cheated, while the other half thinks that he's being railroaded by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

During a teleconference with Boston media on Wednesday, Carson Palmer sounded a lot like a guy who's in the first group. During the interview, Palmer said that Brady's suffering the "consequences" of his actions.

"I tried not to follow it just because it was everywhere for so long," Palmer said, via CSN New England. "But I go back and ... you follow what the rule book says and go about your business and your work and if they tell you not to do it and you get busted and what happens happens, then you suffer the consequences."

Basically, Palmer's saying that Brady broke the rules and now he's suffering the consequences.

According to Tom Curran of CSNNE, Palmer seemed to realize that he might've said something controversial, and he reacted by immediately trying to steer the conversation back to something not controversial.

"I'm sure you guys look at it a lot differently, but I know a lot of players around the league just looking at it... I don't know if you can feel too strongly about it one way or the other," Palmer said.

Palmer was then asked if he actually felt that the NFL "proved" that Brady was guilty.

"To be honest ... there was ... supposedly the balls went somewhere and they weren't supposed to go there. There was humidity and not enough humidity and whatever it was and altitude," Palmer said. "I don't really know. I didn't follow the story. As soon as it came on I just turned it off because I was so sick of hearing about it."

In the end, what we learn about Palmer is that he may or may agree with the punishment, but it sounds like he might.

"Whatever the league comes down upon and whatever ruling they make is what they make," Palmer said. "You don't have much of a decision after that and you can fight it for a little bit but after a while, you just gotta abide by what they say."

You can bet Bill Belichick has already pinned Palmer's comments up in New England. There is also a 50 percent chance that Palmer has apologized to Cards coach Bruce Arians for giving the Patriots bulletin board material.

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