Carson Wentz has only been practicing with the Indianapolis Colts for a few days, yet this is the most comfortable he's been with his surroundings in a long time. Wentz's 2020 season took a major toll on him, which ended his time with the Philadelphia Eagles and led to him hitting the reset button on his career. 

He's getting a fresh start in Indianapolis with a familiar head coach in Frank Reich. The Colts quarterback -- at least for the start of training camp -- seems to be in paradise. 

"Just coming in, both football-wise and getting around Frank (Reich) and (Chris) Ballard and just this whole locker room, the culture is different in the building, but the culture outside of the building -- the community, it's so family friendly, so supportive and encouraging," Wentz said to NFL Network's Stacey Dales, via "Feels a little bit more like home, I would say, just being in the Midwest and everything. It's been a lot of fun for me and my family to transition to something new here."

Wentz admitted the Colts are wired the way he is, playing with high expectations and having the mentality to win. Philadelphia had those expectations, too, but there's a different vibe in Indianapolis the new quarterback enjoys. 

"It's a family. It truly feels like a family," Wentz said to reporters after Colts practice Wednesday. "Football, it's always talked about in a locker room, it's always talked about it's a family, it's a family, but something feels different here – and even in the community, even with you guys. 

"It just feels like a big family with everyone supporting and encouraging each other. But the expectations are there. I mean having Mr. (Jim) Irsay talk to us got me fired up last night. He's still got a lot of passion, a lot of energy and I think it got a lot of guys excited."

The Colts are exactly what Wentz was seeking this offseason: familiarity with a coach he knows and trusts, a good offensive line, a midwestern location, and a family atmosphere. Wentz already likes what he sees after just one practice with his new teammates, a positive sign for the organization as it believes he's the franchise quarterback he once was in Philadelphia.

"A lot of talent and a lot of versatility, that's what I've seen," Wentz said. "(They're) great dudes that really understand football and I think that allows us to be able to do something special because talent takes you so far, but understanding the game and the ins and outs of plays, being on time, where you're supposed to be, understanding zone coverages – all that stuff. (There are) a lot of smart football players out here."