Carson Wentz hasn't had pizza in seven months, part of the new diet he started this offseason in order to stay healthy

Carson Wentz has showcased the results of his new diet every day of Philadelphia Eagles practice, looking leaner than ever before. In an attempt to stay healthy and live a healthier lifestyle, Wentz has been changing his eating habits over the offseason.

Having season-ending injuries the last two years convinced Wentz to change things up, including staying off pizza for the last seven months.

"That's the thing you do when you hang out with the guys, you order pizza," Wentz told Eagles reporters this week. "So trying to find pizza substitutes has not quite been as successful as I would have hoped."

Doing this was not a requirement for Wentz, but an opportunity to find a way to improve his health and lead the Eagles deep into January year after year. Wentz wanted to make the sacrifice to be great, even though he has showed flashes of that in his three seasons with the Eagles.

"I've seen a lot of development there for me personally. I think that will help going forward with just staying healthy and longevity," Wentz said back in April. "Just looking at nutrition and different training techniques and really diving into any training aspect, any advantage I can find. I went into this offseason with just... A.) getting healthy and B. ) what it can look like to stay healthy.

"Those are just things I definitely looked at this offseason."

Wentz has suffered a torn ACL and LCL that ended his 2017 season, causing him to miss the final three games and the Eagles' Super Bowl run. Rehab from his torn ACL and LCL caused Wentz to miss the first two games of 2018, which he later suffered from a spinal compression fracture that ended his season in December. 

Wentz has been looking to shed the "injury-prone" label all offseason, but the Eagles quarterback isn't affected by what the outside word thinks of him.

"I'm going to set myself up the best that I can to stay healthy, to play the whole season and get out there every week," Wentz said. "Everyone has their own opinions and at the end of the day I'm not really worried about it. I've had to come to grips with really not caring what other peoples' opinions are on the matter."

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