The Los Angeles Chargers signed a D-lineman on Thursday and his name could not be more perfect for the role.

Dee Liner, a defensive lineman, is the most recent addition to the Chargers. And somehow the Chargers social media team managed to hold back from making any jokes about the irony of the defensive lineman's name when they announced the news on Twitter. They deserve some credit for that.

Earlier this year Liner addressed his fitting name.

"I get (questions) every day. Every day. I play D-line and my name is Dee Liner," he said

Whether Liner was inspired to become a a defensive lineman because of his name is not yet known.

The entire situation lends itself to a comedy skit. Because of that people on Twitter came with jokes at the Chargers' account after they tweeted about it.

Liner was with the Kansas City Chiefs for part of 2018 and signed with the Tennessee Titans in 2019. In college he transferred from Alabama to Arkansas State, spending the last two years of his collegiate career there.