Chargers coach fulfills promise to his mother, graduates on Mother's Day weekend

All the way back in 1992, Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn left Texas Tech University six hours short of a degree in exercise sports science. Lynn soon embarked on a professional football career, which eventually ended in 1999. Since then, Lynn has been coaching in some capacity every single season. 

But as a young man, he promised his mother he would graduate. This weekend, he did just that. 

More than 25 years after he was originally scheduled to do so, Lynn received his degree. He got the hours he needed from UNLV, and on Saturday he walked down the aisle to receive his bachelor of arts in interdisciplinary studies. Lynn's mother, Betty Jackson, was in attendance. So were his wife and daughter, as well as Chargers chairman Dean Spanos and Spanos' wife. The Spanoses lent Lynn their jet in order to attend the ceremony, for which he will miss two days of Chargers rookie minicamp, according to

"I just wanted my papers," Lynn said. "Mail me my damn diploma, I give it to my mom and I'm done. When I told my counselor, when I told her what my plans were, she'd just assumed that I was walking the whole time. I never assumed I was walking. The disappointment on her face when I told her I wasn't coming, it was tough. I thought about it. She made me rethink it. I decided to walk, because if it could inspire one person, then it's worth it."

Sure it's late, but this is a pretty damn good Mother's Day gift that Lynn got for his mother in 2018. 

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