Chargers ownership gave a brief update to the rest of the league during the recent NFL owners meeting in Houston, noting the lack of support from council members for their downtown stadium project, and the bleak odds of winning a ballot initiative next month, sources said.

While the Chargers told other owners they now have the support of the San Diego mayor for their new facility, that endorsement came only weeks before the vote and the team has been unable to secure any support from a single city council member, according to sources present at the ownership meeting.

The new stadium would need 66 percent approval; team sources believe perhaps they could achieve a majority, but reaching two-thirds seems beyond remote. If they do achieve at least a majority, then team and league sources indicated perhaps it could invoke some hope of a stadium down the road, while falling short of that would essentially be a death blow to the project.

The Chargers have an option to join the Rams in Los Angeles in January, and team sources have indicated that is basically their only recourse should they lose the November vote as expected.