Despite the fact that it's only preseason, when teams move there's usually a certain buzz around a team's first game in a new stadium. The Los Angeles Chargers' move, however, has been controversial from the jump. For their preseason opener on Sunday night, 21,054 fans went to the StubHub Center (which has a capacity of 27,000) to see the Chargers get routed by the Seahawks. For comparison, the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS had 25,667 in attendance the previous night.

The Chargers' welcome to L.A. has been significantly less than warm so far. Between them getting booed at the Staples Center in January and their new logo being mocked into the ground upon its unveiling, the Chargers will really need to work to get into the good graces of the city. Obviously it isn't impossible, and winning cures all, but it's no easy task in the vaunted AFC West. Perhaps the city will warm up to the Chargers in the near future, but with the Rams' move already being controversial, it shouldn't come as a surprise that fickle L.A. fans are wary of another team.

There were plenty of empty seats at the StubHub Center on Sunday night.  USATSI

StubHub Center being a temporary home may also be a factor. Soccer games are played in football stadiums with some frequency, but the opposite is rarely true. The Chargers will be sharing a new palatial home with the Rams in Inglewood that is expected to be ready come 2020. It will have a capacity of 70,240. Hopefully the Chargers have a bigger following by then, because 20,000 people would look awfully lonely in that space.