Chargers-Patriots weather: Bill Belichick utilizing mental warfare on frigid day to conquer Chargers in pregame

With Los Angeles getting set to play in the frigid air of New England on Sunday, there's a good chance that everyone on the Chargers roster has already gotten to check out the ice cold forecast for the game, but just in case they haven't, Bill Belichick has placed a friendly reminder in the Chargers' tunnel of how cold it's going be at Gillette Stadium. 

That friendly reminder is a thermometer, and at 7:42 a.m. ET, that thermometer said that the temperature was 20 degrees in Foxborough. 

Classic Belichick. 

As you can see by the amount of duct tape used there, that thermometer isn't usually hanging on that wall. The Patriots coach is clearly trying to remind the Chargers of how cold it's going to be in this game, although they probably won't need any reminder once they step on the field. The forecast for the game is calling for a high of 27 degrees, but it's actually expected to feel colder. According to, the temperature is going to feel somewhere between 17 and 20 degrees for most of the afternoon. 

It's going to be cold at Gillette Stadium.

That's going to feel like arctic conditions for a Chargers team that spent the week practicing in Los Angeles, where the temperatures were in the low-60s. 

Despite the fact that Belichick is having these thermometers placed in the Chargers tunnel, the Patriots coach was adamant that the weather wouldn't actually give his team any sort of advantage on the field. Belichick was even asked on Friday how big of an advantage the weather might be for his team, and he answered the question in pure Belichick fashion. 

"They're a good football team. We're playing the Chargers. We're not playing the weather," Belichick said. "Whatever it is, it is ... We're going to be on the same field."

When it comes to the thermometers, Belichick has actually used this kind of psychological warfare before. Back in December 2017, the Patriots coach did the exact same thing before a home game against the Jets and the plan clearly worked, because New England won the game 26-6. 

To see if the Chargers can survive in the frigid conditions, you can watch the starting at 1:05 p.m. ET on CBS or stream it for free by clicking here

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