In case you weren't aware, Jerry Jones doesn't simply dictate the moves of the Dallas Cowboys, but continues to shape the NFL as a whole. An integral driver in the decision to relocate the Rams from St. Louis back to his home city of Los Angeles, the power and influence of Jones seemingly knows no bounds, and when he wants something to take place -- more often than not, it does.

The same usually works in the inverse as well, and this is where the Los Angeles Chargers come into play. Having already relocated in 2017, and despite resistance from the City of San Diego and eight-time Pro Bowl quarterback Phillip Rivers himself, there are now rumors of another move that could be on the horizon. This time, it would involve much more than a short skip on Interstate 5, with reports that the Chargers are potentially open to relocating across the Atlantic Ocean to take up residency in London has been broached, but Jones quickly shot down the notion.

Asked in his Tuesday address to 105.3FM the Fan if moving the Chargers to London was a talking point amongst owners and the league, the Hall of Famer could not have been more clear in his stance.

"No," Jones said. "You're asking me the question: is it a viable option? And, no. The Chargers are committed to their future in Los Angeles and are going to be in a fabulous stadium. They're a great franchise. 

"I've got my own story about the Chargers back when I was just dreaming of wanting to be involved with them. And one of my greatest teammates at Arkansas and one of the greatest players of all-time, Lance Alworth, was a Charger and I'm just going into what the Chargers mean to me. So, they're out there, had a great game against the Packers last week. 

"They're going to be a big part of the Los Angeles sports scene."

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Before you dismiss Jones' comments simply because he isn't the Chargers owner, Dean Spanos, keep in mind the aforementioned influence, because he's a key reason the Rams are back in Los Angeles and readying to enter a near-$5 billion stadium in 2020 -- one the Chargers are set to share with them -- and a stadium with Jones' hospitality company "Legends" contracted to sell the naming rights to as well as help operate. That means Jones has a lot, to say the least, invested in seeing the Chargers stay put in the City of Angels, right alongside the Rams.

Does it mean the possibility of the Chargers, or any NFL team, moving to London is off of the table completely, though? 

Doubtful, considering the league's growing foothold across the pond and continued rumors that eventually London will have a pro football team in the future. Most recently, it's been the Jacksonville Jaguars leading the way as rumored frontrunner for a London move, fueled in large part by owner Shad Khan's bid to purchase Wembley Stadium in 2022. Khan denies there's intent to move his Jaguars into Wembley if the deal goes through, but time will tell if that holds true. The same applies to the Chargers, but it seems infinitely less likely they'd be the team to make the jump, seeing as that would create massive divisional realignment issues as well, and especially if Jones has a say in the matter.

Spoiler alert: He does have a say in the matter, and his answer is a ironclad "no."