Cheerleader suing Buccaneers for paying less than minimum wage

A Tampa Bay cheerleader is suing the Buccaneers. (USATSI)
A Tampa Bay cheerleader is suing the Buccaneers. (USATSI)

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Earlier this month, the Buccaneers introduced their 2014 cheerleading squad after more than 100 women tried out for the team.

But just like the Raiders, the Bengals, the Bills and the Jets, the Buccaneers are being sued by a former cheerleader who says the team pays less than minimum wage.

Former cheerleader Manouchcar Pierre-Val, according to the Tampa Tribune , filed her lawsuit Monday because the organization paid her less than $2 an hour, violating federal and state wages laws.

According to Pierre-Val's attorney, Kimberly Woods, the lawsuit seeks to be a class-action suit, and Woods told the paper that other women are interested in joining the suit.

Buccaneers spokesman Luis Nelson declined comment for the most part but did say, "As a general rule, we don't discuss compensation practices for any members of our organization."

According to Woods, the cheerleaders make $100 a game, but they aren't compensated for their cheerleading practices. The cheerleaders also are required to attend 40 hours of public appearances each year. For corporate-sponsored events, Woods said the cheerleaders earn between $25-$50 per hour, but they make no money for any other appearances.

Interestingly, Pierre-Val is featured on the Buccaneers website in a video in which she says she loves being a Buccaneers cheerleader.

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