Bears kicker Cody Parkey has been mercilessly mocked since Sunday's loss against the Eagles, in which his missed 43-yard field goal attempt was tipped and hit off both the upright and the crossbar. Chicago-based brewing company Goose Island wants fans who mocked Parkey to put their money where their feet are.

The company is having a "Field Goal Challenge" on Saturday, in which participants will attempt a 43-yard field goal to see if any of the "armchair kickers" can get off of their "throne of potato chips and vape pens" and hit the kick.

Goose Island is building goalposts outside its brewery, allowing fans to come kick, and those who can make the kick get beer for a year.

So how will things go Saturday? For starters, there's a good chance some soccer player or former high school kicker is going to come out and bury that kick. Forty-three yards is a really tough kick, but it's possible to make. There's also, of course, the pressure of the situation. A playoff atmosphere is inimitable. But Goose Island does have some rules in place.

This is, at least, a welcome departure from the hostility toward Parkey. Goose Island just wants to remind people that this stuff is really hard to do. All we can do is hope that there's a stream of this, because for every person who comes out and drills the kick, there will be 40 people who kick grounders (much like this). And those people are who this event is really for.