Chiefs' Andy Reid does awkward postgame interview with ESPN

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After beating the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday, apparently the first person Chiefs coach Andy Reid wanted to talk to wasn't ESPN's Sal Paolantonio. Reid, who was Philadelphia's head coach for 14 seasons, obviously had some people he wanted to say hi too. 

Paolantonio tried to do an interview with Reid as he walked off the field and that's when thing's got weird. 

When Paolantonio stood in front of Reid, Reid told him 'you're blocking me.' If you watch the video above, you can see Reid looked pretty serious and all Paolantonio did was respond with a 'no sir.' As in 'no sir,' I'm not blocking you. 

Reid then hugs Michael Vick, which is immediately followed by more awkwardness as Paolantonio attempts to ask Reid a question, "What'd you think of your performance here?"

Reid ignores the question and proceeds to hug an Eagles staff member. Reid eventually answer a couple of Paolantonio's questions, but he didn't look to thrilled about doing it. 

So why does Reid appear mad? According to Paul Pabst, the producer for the Dan Patrick Show, Reid and the Chiefs had told the media that Reid wouldn't be doing any walk-off the field interviews after the game. 

At one point, Reid tells his staff that Paolantonio's 'not that important' and to keep walking. Paolantonio laughed it off, but there wasn't even a hint of sarcasm on Reid's face. Like not even anything close to a hint. 

Andy Reid gets the last laugh though and not just on Paolantonio, but on America. That's because Reid mentions taking a shower. Not exactly an image anyone wants a picture of in their head. 

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