Chiefs star Chris Jones gives details on the time when Tom Brady uncharacteristically cussed him out

Although Tom Brady has been known to be quite the trash-talker during his career, one thing he rarely ever does is cuss out his opponent. The Patriots quarterback is usually able to keep his cool on the field, but there was one time this past season when he absolutely lost it. 

Brady's uncharacteristic outburst came in Week 14 against Kansas City, and it was caused by none other than Chris Jones. Jones had been talking trash for most of the first half, and eventually, near the end of the second quarter, Brady finally retaliated. 

After the game, Jones said the two were "crap-talking," but as it turns out, it was actually a little more vulgar than that. The Chiefs pass-rusher gave a few more details on the run-in during a recent interview on "Pardon my Take."

"I got him to say something back to me," Jones said. "He cussed me out, but I loved it. That's the first time I've seen Brady cuss a D-lineman out, so obviously, I was doing something right."

When asked which cuss word Brady used, Jones didn't want to go into specifics. 

"I'm going to leave that undisclosed," Jones said. "Brady is a good guy."

Although Jones didn't reveal Brady's exact words, he did shed some light on what he said to get under Brady's skin. 

"Quarterback and D-Line, those are two different types of class," Jones said. "So when ya'll able to clash up, you talk your sh--. You say how you feel to them. If they're on the ground, you call him an old ass mother------ or get your old ass up or you need to f------- retire. So any time I'm able to say anything to a quarterback after I hit him, I don't even have to hit him, I'll just come to you and talk sh--."

Um, so, if you were ever wondering what players are actually saying to their opponents during on-field trash-talk, now you know. Jones' entire story has already been corroborated by Brady. A few days after the December game, which was a 23-16 win by the Chiefs, Brady admitted that Jones was one of the few defensive linemen to ever get under his skin. 

"I typically don't try to make the d-linemen any more angry than they probably already are with me, because they're the ones that get paid to hit me," Brady said. "So, I don't really give them any incentive typically, but I couldn't really resist at certain points."

When the Patriots quarterback was asked what Jones said to set him off, his response was that it was "definitely nothing that I can really repeat," and now you know why: Jones was cussing at Brady, and Brady responded right back with some vulgarities of his own. 

Although the two went at it in December, Jones was quick to point out that everything is all good now. 

"After the game, it's nothing but love and respect," Jones said. "We're at war and whatever I can do to get under your skin... it's not just talking [smack], I'm going to hit you, you're going to feel me."

Even though the season is over, you'll be reading a lot more about Jones and Brady over the next six weeks, and that's because both players are set to be free agents. Jones is going to be able to command top dollar due in large part to the fact that he's tallied 24.5 sacks over the past two seasons, which is the sixth-most in the NFL. As for Brady, he's also going to be able to command top dollar, because, well, because he's Tom Brady. 

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